Bascom Advisors specializes in interest rate risk management for commercial real estate investors. Unlike other companies that also service lenders, we never have the potential of a conflict of interest. So when needing protection on a commercial loan, borrowers can trust us to handle the hedge from start to finish. We understand the last thing all stakeholders want are any loose ends or missteps getting in the way of closing the deal, or even worse, leaving the loan vulnerable to volatility when that’s not aligned with the borrower’s strategy.

Partnering with us means you’re never alone or in the dark with your hedge. The relationship is our top priority. We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your closing is seamless and you’re as much in the know as you want to be at every point in the process. Setting you and your loan up for success is what you can count on each and every time with Bascom Advisors on your team.

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    To empower commercial real estate borrowers with interest rate expertise, so together we can make lasting positive impacts on their investments and, in turn, the communities they serve.

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    Bascom Advisors is on a mission to deliver interest rate risk management to borrowers with a personal touch.

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    Trust is the foundation of all our relationships and the critical element in creating a seamless closing every time.


    Our word is our bond and every one of our partners can always trust that if we make a promise, it’s as good as done.


    We’re interest rate super fans. Delivering hedging insights is what we love and always gets us excited. Adding value to the deal is our obsession.


    Interest rates have forever been an opaque industry. We thrive on bringing clarity to interest rate markets and keeping clients as much in the know as they want to be.


    Thinking outside of the box and customizing solutions based on client business goals is our approach every time. There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Robert “Tra” Kelly

President, Bascom Advisors

Tra is an innovative and entrepreneurial interest rate expert with a passion for client service, quantitative analysis, and transaction execution. He’s built a reputation in the industry for being a skilled negotiator with keen abilities at problem solving, risk management, financial modeling, derivative structuring and project management. Tra founded Bascom Advisors to leverage almost two decades of industry experience and expertise. He’s dedicated to equipping commercial real estate investors with unique insights that best set them up for success based on their business goals today and tomorrow.

Bascom Community Involvement

We’re dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve and
we’re continuously looking for other causes to support.

Our President, Tra Kelly, is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at Children and Family Services Center of Charlotte. They are on a mission to improve the lives of children and families through an innovative partnership of community resources that promotes strong families and advocates change. We’re proud to support them in their goals for bettering the communities they serve. Learn more about the organization here